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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Quick Partial Defrag In XP

LangaList Std Edition 2003-09-29

Subscriber writes:
I was searching for a way to speed the execution of some of my programs and also the overall speed of my interface (WindowXP professional), the problem with the defragmenter is it takes ages to do its job especially when I leave it for a few weeks.
Uninstalling and installing programs seems to take its toll on the old hard drive and consequently major fragmentation occurs, I was unaware of the command line version of defragmenter until I read an article on a website I just happen to drop on.
WindowsXP runs this about every 3 days but if you need to optimize manually all you need to do is run a Command window and type "defrag c: -b"
This will do a very fast defrag of your starting applications and put them on the outer part of your hard drive making it feel as though you have just completed a full re-installation of WindowsXP!--- Dave Leversidge

Thanks, Dave! The "-b" switch was news to me--- I'd never heard of it. I let my system do a full automated defrag every night (via Task Scheduler), and that places my most-used software towards the front of the disk anyway, so I'd never sought out a separate option for doing that.
But for cases where you can't run a full defrag--- it can indeed be slow, especially if it hasn't been done in a while--- just being able to move the most-critical apps around is very handy. Nice!
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