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Monday, December 22, 2003

Favorite Freeware Tools

SlimBrowser - A tabbed multiple-site browser with pop-up killer (download)
PSTools - Command-line management tools for MS Windows (download latest version)
UnxUtils - Native Win32 ports of common GNU utilities (download)
Ultr@VNC - Remote computer control
ShellExe - An AutoRun launcher (download)
Motherboard Monitor - Displays info from sensors on Motherboard
BurnAtOnce - A handy little right-click CD burner
POPfile - Automatic mail classification tool - a.k.a Spam-Filter

Norton Ghost Tutorial

Radified has a great tutorial on using Norton Ghost to image a hard disk for complete backups.
Ghost is a cool product that I'm educating myself about in order to make backups on CDRW. The goal is to be able to put in the first disc, boot up and restore my drive completely (including the Linux partitions).
- from Symantec...
Norton Ghost 2003 and earlier, or Symantec Ghost 7.5 and earlier do not support cloning Linux computers that use the Grand Unified Boot Loader (GRUB) because Ghost 7.5 and earlier cannot patch the GRUB. Restored systems using GRUB cannot start. To repair the restored computer, start the computer with the disk you created during the Linux installation and follow the instructions for re-installing GRUB.

For related information, see the document Cannot start Linux with GRUB boot loader after restoring an image of a disk or partition.

Friday, December 19, 2003

So, what's this all about?

Well, I suppose I'll mostly jot down thoughts and notes to myself.

I could link to personal interests like hunting, geocaching, pyrotechnics, Bootable CDs - Knoppix, Slax, LocalAreaSecurity, Knoppix-STD, PHLAK etc...

I'll probably add information on my entrepreneurial interests like, marketing and such.

And then I'll have a smattering of professional interests like Network Security, the Cisco TAC etc...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

First Post - A good step-by-step article on customizing Knoppix

Using and Customizing Knoppix by Robert Bernier -- Several Linux distributions boot directly from CD-ROMs. How many are usable in that state? How many are customizable in that state? Klaus Knopper's Knoppix is perhaps the best known of these distributions. Robert Bernier explains how to use Knoppix and how to customize your own self-booting distribution CD.

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