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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Install .NET Compact Framework without ActiveSync

The basis for this post was found here. I've added some specifics for installation on the Alltel UTStarcomTM PPC6700. I actually have ActiveSync running on my desktop, but for some reason the .NET 2.0 Compact Framework failed to install from there claiming there was a newer version of .NET runtime already installed. This was not true of the phone, but probably true in regard to the version installed on the PC.

How to install .Net Compact Framework on a PocketPC without using ActiveSync.
  1. Download .Net Compact Framework from Microsoft

  2. Using a Windows PC, extract all the files from the installer package by running the following command "msiexec /a PackageName.msi" from either the command line or the run dialog box.
    The /a parameter specifies to run it as an administrative install that will extract the files to a specified location rather than install them as usual.
    Replace PackageName.msi with the name of the installer you downloaded in step 1.
  3. The installer program for .Net Compact Framework will now open. Follow the steps for the installer, you will be prompted for a location to extract the files.

  4. You will need to identify the correct CAB file from this list in the files extracted in step 3.
    In the case of the UTStarcomTM PPC6700, the file chosen was

  5. Once you have located the correct file, transfer it to your PocketPC using, for example, a Memory Card, InfraRed, Bluetooth, Email, etc...

  6. Using File Explorer, open the CAB file on your device. This will install .Net Compact Framework and you will be able to use any program that requires it.

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