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Friday, November 12, 2004

An American Citizen's Page: Use Pain and Pleasure To Get Your Way

An American Citizen's Page: Use Pain and Pleasure To Get Your Way
"pain and pleasure, how to use them to move friend or foe in the direction you want them to go.

A very good principal to remember is this : People will only negotiate with you if they believe you can help them or hurt them. Other wise, they will ignore you, because you have nothing to offer and that's a fact. So, how is this useful? It helps you maximize your power in any given situation. If you are dealing with person or business, a public official or offering a service to the public or what ever, ask yourself "why should they deal with me?" "What can I offer to help them for helping me?", or "How can I hurt them if I need to?" In very few places do you actually have no power when you think about it!

Tips to help others: Praise, Compliments, Give nice assignments or chores, A pleasant scene, Give good feedback to their boss, stock holders etc, Do all your business with them, Avoid lawsuits, Help their family, Do small favors & on and on. You can help others in numerous ways!

Tips to hurt others: Ridicule or embarrass, Effect a reputation by revealing a secret, or plain tell lies, Give painful assignments and chores, Waste their time, Cost them money Attack their family or friends interest, Create a nasty scene, Take your business else where, Threats of lawsuits, violents or worse and on & on. You can hurt people & businesses in many many ways. Its amazing what one determined person can really do! Never make a threat you do not intend on carrying out! Put teeth in it.

So the next time you are dealing with a banker or waiter, a public official, your mechanic, a realtor, neighbor, landlord or what ever, remember to ask yourself these key questions, size up your power base & assert yourself. One more helpful principal to live by "I never forget a face & always repay my debts".

Lastly: Have fun, there is no battle worth your health or piece of mind!!"
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