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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Software :: LogDog - Monitor and alert on syslogd messages -

Software :: LogDog - Monitor and alert on syslogd messages -
Logdog is a tool that monitors messages passing through syslogd and takes action based on key words and phrases. Logdog has a configuration file which allows you to specify a list of key words or phrases to alert on, and a list of commands that can be run when those words are encountered.
A sibling, SendEmail is a lightweight, completly command line based, SMTP email agent. If you have the need to send email from a command prompt this tool is perfect. It was designed to be used in bash scripts, Perl programs, and web sites, but it is also quite useful in many other contexts. SendEmail is written in Perl and is unique in that it requires NO SPECIAL MODULES. It has a straight forward interface, making it very easy to use. [This also works on Win32]
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